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Parking Permits

Students may apply for a parking permit if they are a licensed driver and are clear of any school fines or fees. All permits and parking spaces are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.


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Parking permit fees

Osseo Senior High parking permits cost $45 per trimester, which is due with the application. The lost permit replacement fee is $5.

Daily parking permits

A limited number of daily parking permits will be sold for $5 at the front greeter's desk; availability is not guaranteed.

Parking expectations

  • The school parking lots are school property and all school rules will be enforced at all times.
  • Parking permits are not transferable and not refundable.
  • Staff and visitor parking spaces/areas are clearly signed or numbered. Students are to park in designated student parking spaces only. Osseo Senior High reserves the right to immobilize or tow those parking in the staff/visitor areas, handicapped spaces and fire lanes.
  • Students are expected to be respectful of all parking lot staff, other vehicles and other students.
  • Students must drive in accordance with the traffic laws and in a responsible manner.
  • Students are not to give, sell or copy their parking permit for another student.
  • Any chemical or tobacco violations will result in the loss of parking privileges for the rest of the school year in addition to any applicable school or police consequences.
  • For safety purposes, students must exit the parking lot after school by following the established procedure.
  • Students who arrive late to school or exhibit truancy issues may lose their privilege to park at school.
  • Student parking is a privilege, not a right. Students involved in violating school expectations may have their permit revoked, their car towed, and/or receive school consequences. 
  • Any student who has an unpaid fine, other fee, or unserved Oriole Hours will not be allowed to receive a parking permit until those fines, fees and Oriole Hours are rectified.
  • PSEO students must have a trimester or daily parking permit to park in our lot, even if they are coming into school for a short period of time.
  • Non-Osseo Senior High students who attend our school and participate in our magnet programs may use their respective school’s parking pass in our parking lot; all Osseo Senior High parking rules and conditions apply.

Vehicle search

By entering the school parking lot, the person driving any vehicle is deemed to consent to complete search of the vehicle upon any reasonable suspicion. Such search may be conducted by school officials or by law enforcement officers at school request. If any person in the car other than the driver is the current custodian of the vehicle, consent to search is deemed given by the custodian also.

The area of search will include the entire passenger compartment, engine compartment, trunk and undercarriage, and all containers therein, locked or unlocked. Any student vehicle parked on student grounds may be subject to random canine searches. Staff may also search the vehicle if there is reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover evidence of a violation of law or school rules.

Student parking infractions & consequences

Parking infractions include (but are not limited to):

  • Students parking on campus without a valid permit (including using a forged parking permit).
  • Students parking in designated staff parking spaces.
  • Students using their vehicles to truant classes, which includes sitting in one’s vehicle for an extended amount of time.
  • Student vehicles adorned with paraphernalia that causes a significant disruption to our learning environment.
  • Student drivers who arrive late to school.

Consequences on vehicles for student parking infractions (in most cases) include:

  1. First offense: Written warning placed on vehicle.
  2. Second offense: Written warning placed on vehicle.
  3. Third offense: Written warning placed on vehicle.
  4. Fourth offense: Placement of vehicle incapacitation device (e.g., a "boot") on vehicle and a written notice from an SMS.
  5. Fifth offense: Vehicle will be towed and student notified.

In select instances, parking permits may be suspended temporarily or for the remainder of the trimester, as directed by an administrator.

Consequences for truant student drivers

Students with parking permits must maintain above 90 percent presence (not tardy or absent) rate for the trimester the permit is held. If this is maintained, and any Oriole Hours assigned to the student have been cleared, the student may purchase and pick up their parking pass for the next trimester. Students with an attendance rate between 80-89 percent will be asked to complete an attendance contract in Student Services prior to purchasing and picking up their parking pass for the next trimester. Students whose attendance falls below 80 percent for the trimester in which the permit is held is ineligible from purchasing a parking permit for the next trimester.