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Students at Park Center and Osseo Senior High Schools take part in civics lesson

Students in social studies classes at Park Center and Osseo Senior High Schools participated in a civics lesson with one of their U.S. Representatives. Students learned about who represents them in local, state and national offices, and how the branches of government work. 

Congressman Dean Phillips met with the scholars for a Civics 101 lesson. Students learned about the branches of government, how the government works at the state level and the national level, what a day looks like for a congressman both in Minnesota and while in Washington, D.C. and how a bill becomes a law.

Students had an opportunity to ask Rep. Phillips questions, such as how the internet has affected how campaigns are run and what it is like working with representatives from other parties.

Students also learned about the ways they can get involved in politics now and how they can make a change, including voting when they turn 18 and joining youth advisory councils. At the end of the lesson, quite a few students raised their hands when asked if they wanted to go in to politics someday.

“I know we have a lot of challenges in our country and a lot of inequities we have got to solve. The only way we are going to do it is with your help,” Rep. Phillips told the students.