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Recognizing Veterans Day

Recognizing Veterans Day

Each year on Nov. 11, Osseo Area Schools recognizes Veterans Day to celebrate and honor military veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Across the district, students participated in various activities to commemorate Veterans Day. Here are just a few examples of how Veterans Day was honored:

Osseo Senior High School

At Osseo Senior High School (OSH), students in Megan Thompson’s class learned that Nov. 11 was chosen as Veterans Day because it was the end of World War One. Students learned about what teachers at OSH are veterans and shared what members of their families served. The students also decorated cards for current and former service members to be shared through the A Million Thanks program. The students drew various pictures and made the cards personal with facts about themselves. 

Maple Grove Middle School

Many Maple Grove Middle School seventh grade scholars spent their Nov. 10 history classes with veterans. The veterans volunteered their time to come into classrooms and share their stories and photographs of their experiences serving in the United States military, followed by opportunities for students to answer questions. Some of the veterans included Jason Whelan, Phil Vierling and Bill Wagner, respective former members of the Navy, National Guard and Air Force.

Basswood Elementary School

At Basswood Elementary School, students filled out and decorated stars with the names of family and friends who are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces or who are a Veteran. The red, white and blue stars were then hung up on display in the hallway for all students and staff members to see. 

Fair Oaks Elementary School

All fifth grade students at Fair Oaks Elementary spent time with fifth grade teacher Marisa Brown, who was a member of the United States Air Force from 2010-2017 and was deployed to Iraq when her two sons were very young. Brown shared about her experiences in the Air Force and her deployment, passed around items such as her combat boots and answered the students’ questions about her military service.

Oak View Elementary School

At Oak View Elementary School, fifth graders met with fifth grade teacher and veteran Nicole Hayford to learn more about the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, different types of service and how to show support. Second graders learned about the different branches and then spent time with a veteran, who is also a parent of one of the students and served in the Army. He taught students about his uniform and told them how he joined after 9/11. Students had the opportunity to ask questions, including where he went, how long he was gone, what he ate, why he chose the Army and if he has any other family members who served.