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Advisory is a schoolwide program required for all scholars at Osseo Senior High that focuses on helping students be successful in high school and plan for their future.


American Indian Education

American Indian Education empowers American Indian students and their families and enhances their potential through culture-based educational programming.



Learn more about testing, grading and report cards in Osseo Area Schools.



Career Resource Center (CRC)

Whether you're looking at higher education options or wish to enter the workforce after high school, let our knowledgeable Career Resource Center staff help you navigate each step of the way.



Community-Based Vocational Assessment & Training (CBVAT)

The Community-Based Vocational Assessment and Training program provides work-based learning opportunities for students with disabilities to acquire entry-level skills to competently transition from school to community.


Digital Learning

Our Digital Learning Plan promotes personalized learning, allowing students to receive instruction that is delivered at the appropriate pace, is tailored to their learning styles, and motivates them based on their individual interests.


Health Science Magnet Program

Start your journey toward a rewarding medical career! Our Health Science Program is designed to support and build future leaders in the health science and medical fields.


Media Center

Osseo Senior High scholars benefit from the resources located in our Media Center and support from mission-driven media staff.




Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) is a program that allows students in grades 10-12 to earn both high school and college credit through enrollment in and successful completion of college-level courses at eligible post-secondary institutions.



Discover the wide array of courses available and learn more about graduation requirements to ensure you're on track to achieve your dreams.



Vision 2020

We believe that simply graduating scholars is not enough—we must equip them with the skills, knowledge and resources to engage in a meaningful future. That's why we offer students the ability to earn college credit, study online, and complete career and technical programs before graduating from high school.